Table S1 Collection localities of Petrogale brachyotis, P.  burbidgei and P.  concinna used in this study.

Table S2 Oligonucleotide primer sequences.

Table S3 Accession numbers for individuals sampled in this study.

Table S4 Results of analyses of molecular variance (AMOVA) for mtDNA, BRCA1, ω-globin, A1 and A2.

Table S5 Significant demographic results (*P < 0.05; **P < 0.01) of analyses of each independent locus.

Table S6 Results of IMa analyses of mtDNA subdivisions within the brachyotis group.

Table S7 Divergence estimates of the brachyotis group based on fossil calibrations from Meredith et al. (2008) using the program BEAST.

Appendix S1Methods: Identity of ABTC101599.

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