Table S1primer sequences (Primer express software), amplification size and efficiency of the selected ESTs and two reference genes (GAPDH and EF4α) used for qPCR analysis.

Table S2Pyrosequencing 454 data from P.  albus MD06-337 isolate.

Table S3Geochemical characteristics of rhizospheric soils site: major element content.

Table S4Comparison of mRNA accumulation profiles for the six selected up-regulated genes in five P.  albus isolates from ultramafic soil.

Fig. S1General geographical map describing the New Caledonian archipelago with location of ultramafic massifs (in grey) and sites where P.  albus isolates were collected (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5).

Fig. S2Phylogenetic synthetic relationships among representative Pisolithus sp., in particular P.  albus isolates from New Caledonia included in this study, i.e. MD06-337, MD09-078, MD09-045, MD09-063 and MD09-001 and worldwide reference isolates.

Fig. S3Functional GO terms assignment and distribution of sequences GO terms of 4211 genes nickel up regulated from the differential transcriptome of MD06-337 nickel tolerant isolate from P.  albus with +250 μM of nickel and without nickel, among Gene Ontology (GO) biological process, molecular function and cellular component.

Fig. S4Relative expression patterns of 10 nickel selected genes from nickel tolerant P.  albus MD06-337 isolate with two reference genes GAPDH and EIF4α. Panel A and B show respectively, relative expression patterns of 10 nickel with 250 or 50 μM of nickel, after 15 days of growth.

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