Table S1 List of differentially expressed genes in cotton bollworm midguts based on microarray.

Table S2 The differentially expressed detoxification genes in cotton bollworm midguts in response to six compounds.

Table S3 Primers used in this investigation.

Fig. S1 Cotton bollworm larvae weight. (A and B) Initial weight of the larvae shown in Fig. 1A and 1B, respectively. (C) Initial weight of late 2nd larvae after treatments with 1 mg/g gossypol, 0.5 mg/g xanthotoxin and 1 mg/g tannic acid, respectively, for 1 day (upper) and the net weight increase after transferring to 5 μg/g deltamethrin for another day (down).

Fig. S2 Aldrin epoxidation activity of CYP6AE14. Recombinant baculoviruses were generated in Bac-to-Bac baculovirus expression system (Invitrogen Life Technology), CYP6AE14 and house fly NADPH P450 reductase were co-expressed in Sf9 cells. (A) GC-MS detection of the aldrin epoxidation product dieldrin. (B) Western blot with an anti-His antibody to detect the expressed protein.

Fig. S3 Activities of midgut detoxification enzymes of differently weighted 3rd–5th instar larvae. The individuals (3rd–5th instars) grown on artificial diet were divided into four groups (GI to GIV) depending on their weights (A) and GST-DCNB (B), Esterase-αNA (C) and P450-PNOD, P450-ECOD and P450-AE (D) activities were tested.

Fig. S4 Cluster diagram of expression of esterase and GST genes in response to six compounds. For detail see Figure 3B. This cluster analysis included 21 putative esterase genes and 37 total contigs of putative GST, detailed information of the genes is provided (Table S2).

Fig. S5 Larval growth increase in relation to the expression level of three P450, three esterase and two UDP-GT genes under deltamethrin treatment. The experiment was performed as described in Figure 5. Among the 22 P450, eight esterase and two UDP-GT genes being studied, results with regression coefficient (r2) > 0.5 are shown here besides in Figure 5. For gene sequences and expression profiles, see Table S1 and Table S2.

Fig. S6 RT–PCR detection of dsCYP9A14 transcripts in different lines of dsCYP9A14 transgenic Arabidopsis (A) and Mortality of the larvae fed with leaves of dsCYP9A14 or WT plants of Arabidopsis for 4~5 d (B). Tub: β-tubulin

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