Table S1 PCR conditions, fluorescent labels, allele sizes and optimized primer concentrations for microsatellite loci multiplexes

Table S2 Frequencies of mtDNA control region haplotypes and sample sizes (N) for Leach’s storm-petrels from 9 colonies in the Pacific (P) and Atlantic (A) oceans

Table S3 Microsatellite allele frequencies and sample sizes (N) for Leach’s storm-petrel from 8 colonies in the Pacific (P) and Atlantic (A)

Table S4 Coalescent based population growth test results for Leach’s storm-petrel populations in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

Fig. S1 IMA2 @ BioHPC posterior probability plots for T (divergence time parameter) M (gene flow parameter) and q (population size parameter:  0 = Atlantic, 1 = Pacific, 2 = ancestral population).

Fig. S2 Proportional membership (Q) of Leach’s storm-petrels to genetic clusters (K) for K = 2 and K = 3 as estimated by STRUCTURE with no prior information of sampling location.

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