Table S1 Microsatellite genotypes of mouthbrooding females J and G and adopted fry (indexed ‘S’). Mismatching fry genotypes are shown in bold print. The full sib group identifiers correspond to Fig. 1.

Table S2 Relatedness coefficients RQG between fostering females G and J and their adopted fry (indexed ‘S’). The full sib group identifiers correspond to Fig. 1.

Table S3 Relatedness coefficients for different groups of individuals (number of pairwise comparisons, means ± SD and medians of pair-wise relatedness coefficients) and tests for differences between sets of data.

Table S4 One-tailed one-sample t-tests comparing the relatedness coefficients between dams and the offspring of other females to a null hypothesis of RQG = 0.

Table S5 Half sib, full sib and parent-offspring pairs detected by KINSHIP and ML-Relate analyses.

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