Fig. S1 Correlation between geographic distance and genetic distance among all individuals based on (a) mitochondrial DNA and (b) microsatellites.

Fig. S2 Spatial representation of the individual-based PCA analysis.

Fig. S3 (a) Log likelihood values and (b) ∆K values as a function of K, the number of putative population clusters according to <SMALLCAPS>STRUCTURE</SMALLCAPS>.

Fig. S4 Results of the <SMALLCAPS>BARRIER</SMALLCAPS> analysis: a Delaunay triangulation and the position of the first 9 genetic barriers computed on a FST distance matrix between populations.

Table S1 FST values between sampling sites based on mitochondrial DNA (below the diagonal).

Table S2 Genetic variability in the sampling localities of Ctenomys analysed.

Table S3 Bidirectional estimates of migration using K = 17 as obtained in <SMALLCAPS>STRUCTURE</SMALLCAPS>.

Appendix S1 Genotypic data.

Appendix S2 Sequence data.

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