Table S1 Microsatellite markers used to genotype individuals at Tuanan. The markers utilized in the identity analyses are in bold. Table modified from Arora et al (2010).

Table S2 Sex-biased dispersal statistics computed on GENETIX and FSTAT.

Table S3 Sample sizes for each of the analyses.

Table S4 Multilocus RMSD for five different relatedness estimators: Lynch & Li  (LL), Queller & Goodnight (QG), Ritland (R), Lynch and Ritland (LR), and Wang (W) informativeness.

Fig. S1 Relatedness values for female-female, male-male, and female-male dyads as computed using the TrioML, Wang, Lynch & Li, and Queller & Goodnight estimators.

Fig. S2 Discrimination power of markers available.

Fig. S3 Cumulative number of females and males identified in Tuanan across study years.

Appendix S1 Supporting Information for online publication.

Appendix S2 Supporting Information Genotypes and Haplotypes.

Appendix S3 Supporting Information Haplotypes.

Appendix S4 Supporting Information Ranging Data.

MEC_5608_sm_SupportingInformation-Haplotypes.docx12KSupporting info item
MEC_5608_sm_SupportingInformationGenotypesandHaplotypes.txt5KSupporting info item
MEC_5608_sm_SupportingInformation-RangingData.csv1285KSupporting info item
MEC_5608_sm_SupportingInformation.docx38KSupporting info item
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