Fig. S1 Newick tree file resulting from the Bayesian phylogenetic analysis of the mtDNA cytochrome b locus.

Fig. S2 Plot of ΔK statistic, which measures the steepness of increase of P(D) and indicates the most likely number of clusters (Evanno et  al. 2005) for clustering analyses conducted in Structure.

Table S1 Specimens for which molecular data was generated in this study.

Table S2 Accession numbers for mitochondrial cytochrome b sequences obtained from GenBank, including the geographic locality and putative mtDNA species identification based on clade assignment in the cytochrome b phylogenetic analysis (Fig. 1A).

Table S3 Locus designation, primer sequence, chromosomal location and either published citation or GenBank Accession for the nine microsatellite loci examined.

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