Appendix S1 The following populations were included in the simulations: name/locality.

Appendix S2 Effects of different transformations on demographic models (Kmax = 1000, = 0.01, = 0.1).

Appendix S3 Effects of different carrying capacities, growth and migration rates on demographic models based a linear transformed SDM.

Table S1 Additional simulations at Kmax = 100, = 1.

Table S2 Pearson correlation (r) between friction and carrying capacity landscapes.

Fig. S1 Known current distribution of the American Pika (Ochotona princeps).

Fig. S2 Carrying capacity landscapes transformations.

Fig. S3 Overview of creating temporally continuous landscapes for spatially explicit demographic simulation

Fig. S4 Patterns of genetic divergence: Pairwise comparision of mean population FST.

Fig. S5 Patterns of genetic divergence: PCA.

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