Figure S1 Neighbour-joining phylogram of 285 quercuscalicis-clade cytochrome b haplotypes using Kimura 2-parameter genetic distances.

Figure S2 Maximum clade credibility cladograms of four nuclear loci sampled from regional populations of quercuscalicis-clade species.

Table S1 Collection locality information for the 518 quercuscalicis-clade gallwasp individuals sequenced for cytochrome b. Haplotype number corresponds to terminals in Figure 1 and Figure S1; sample names are used for terminals in Figure S2.

Table S2 Number of individuals screened from the four focal quercuscalicis-clade gallwasp species from each of three major Western Palaearctic refugia for the loci cytochrome b, ITS2, opsin, RpL15 and RpL37 respectively.

Table S3 Levels of variation in the five genes sequenced from the four focal species of quercuscalicis-clade gallwasps.

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