Fig. S1 (A) Partitioned Bremer supports and (B) number of parsimonious sites for protein-coding genes and the A + T-rich region. The Partitioned Bremer support values were calculated using TreeRot.v3 (Sorenson and Franzosa 2007).

Fig. S2 Haplotype networks based on combined partial cox1 and cob genes. Our gene sequences were truncated to the same length of partial cox1 and cob in Tokuda et  al. (2010), and all 388 sequences were integrated into a large data matrix for the network construction. Networks of the Northern (above) and Southern (below) lineages were separately constructed. Circle sizes are proportional to the haplotype frequencies. Small empty circles represent unsampled or extinct haplotypes. Numbers on branches indicate more than one mutation.

Table S1 Sampling information.

Table S2 Sequences of PCR primers.

Appendix S1The sequence alignment of 37 mitochondrial genes and the A+T-rich region for phylogenetic reconstruction.

Appendix S2Combined sequences of cox1, nad5, and cob genes from 263 individuals for haplotype network.

Appendix S3Data matrix of concatenated partial cox1 and cob sequences from 388 individuals.

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