Data S1 Manual alignment of 114 Hastigerina pelagica Type II sequences, both from this study and from sequences  already available in GenBank.

Table S1 Supporting detail information on Hastigerina pelagica individuals that yielded SSU rDNA sequences.

Fig. S1 Vertical distribution of Hastigerina pelagica genotypes presented in this study considering different sampling attributes. Bars indicate the depth interval in which a specimen was found. Green bars represent Type IIa, red bars Type IIb, blue bars represent Type I. a) shows the distribution and abundance of the genotypes during different years of sampling, between 2005 and 2011; b) shows the distribution of the genotypes over their position in the lunar cycle during sampling; c) shows the position of the genotypes within the seasonal cycle and d) shows the abundance and distribution of the genotypes at different daytime hours. No obvious patterns in any of the considered parameters are seen, although we note that the sampling has not sufficiently covered all combinations of parameters. Thus, for example, it may appear that Type IIb is particularly abundant in December below 200 m. However, this pattern represents one sampling occasion in the eastern Mediterranean, where the deeper levels have been intensively sampled.

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