Table S1 Sampling and rearing information of individuals used for sequencing.

Table S2 To test the robustness of the modelselection to differences in the number of sampled loci betweenspecies, analyses for C. fungosa and M. amaenus wererepeated for 2 subsets of the data including only those lociavailable for C. semifascia (1) and H. stenonota (2).

Fig. S1 ΔlnL plots for ancestralNe for four oak gall parasitoid species.

Fig. S2 ΔlnL plots for C.fungosa (top row) and M. amaenus (bottom row) forpopulation divergence estimated using either all loci (Full) oronly those available for C. semifasica (subset 1) or H.stenonota (subset 2).

Fig. S3 The power to distinguish betweenalternative models of population divergence in the face of geneflow M = 2Nem.

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