Table S1 Sampling site information, includingsample sizes, Ne estimates and genetic summary statistics.

Table S2 Matrix of pairwiseFST values for spotted salamanders (Ambystomamaculatum).

Table S3 Matrix of pairwiseFST values for wood frogs (Ranasylvatica).

Table S4 Original land cover classifications from National Land Cover Database and the consolidated class assignments for the land cover landscape variable.

Table S5 Cost values evaluated for each landscape feature as part of Step 1 in the landscape resistant modelling component of this study.

Table S6 Full set of additive landscape resistance models assessed (continuation of Table 2).

Appendix S1 PCR conditions for primers used to amplify microsatellite loci.

Appendix S2 Expanded landscape resistance modelling methods.

Appendix S3 Expanded methods to test for nonindependence.

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