Fig. S1 Dendrograms showing relationships among significantly enriched PANTHER categories for up- (A) and down- (B) regulated genes.

Fig. S2 Estimates of temperature responses by RNA-seq and DASL were consistent.

Fig. S3 Percentage of variation in gene expression explained by temperature, stage and parental effects.

Fig. S4 Cultures were slightly more variable at higher temperatures, and differences in sampling time by temperature was small.

Table S1 Primer sequences, amplification efficiencies and original citations for the qPCR assays used to assay Hsp70 and Hsp90 expression.

Table S2 Raw qPCR data on Hsp70 and Hsp90.

Table S3 Sample info for RNA-seq.

Table S4 Annotation information for developmental genes assayed by DASL.

Table S5 Gene network relationships among target developmental genes.

Table S6 Female parent effects on heat shock gene expression at 18C but not 12C.

Table S7 Embryo morphology data.

Table S8 Prior hyperparameters used in this study.

Appendix S1 Supplemental methods.

mec5717_sm_morphology-data.dat95KSupporting info item
mec5717_sm_Network-gene-annotation.dat22KSupporting info item
mec5717_sm_Network-interactions-list.dat3KSupporting info item
mec5717_sm_qPCR-Ct-scores.dat25KSupporting info item
mec5717_sm_Supplemental-methods.pdf508KSupporting info item
mec5717_sm_Supplementary-files-README.doc31KSupporting info item

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