mec5730-sup-0001-FigS1-S6-TableS1-S2.docWord document1484KFig. S1 Constraint trees used in the phylogenetic analysis, based on alternative phylogenetic hypotheses. Fig. S2 Structure results for different values of K (between 1 and 7) for all species together and for a K value of 7 for H. melpomene only. Fig. S3 Comparisons of FST values calculated for all RAD tags in different population and species pairs. Fig. S4 Strength of correlations between FST values at genomic separations between 1 and 500kb. Fitted lines indicate exponential declines with genomic distance. Fig. S5 AMOVA associations with taxon (H. cyndo/melpomene) and geography. Fig. S6 AMOVA associations with colour pattern as compared to geography for RAD tags from H. melpomene. Table S1. Samples used for RAD sequencing. Table S2 Mean FST and geographic distances for 2 individuals from all pairs of populations.

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