mec5746-sup-0001-FigS1-4-TableS1-9.pdfapplication/PDF1685KFig. S1 Correspondence analysis. Fig. S2 Outlier analysis for the Heliconius cydno hybrid zone. Fig. S3 ‘Outlier’ Loci associated with color pattern loci. Fig. S4 Neighbor joining trees for the 7 loci on the HmYb region and 3 random nuclear genes. Table S1. Populations sampled and number of individuals used in each analysis. Table S2. FST values between populations. Table S3. FST values between races. Table S4. Patterns of linkage disequilibrium (LD) between color pattern and microsatellite loci at hybrid zone. Table S5. Anova and hierarchical analysis. Table S6. FST for nuclear loci in Yb region and random loci. Table S7. Estimates of genetic diversity across the H. cydno hybrid zone. Table S8. List of individuals used at the different molecular markers and their Genebank accession numbers. Table S9. Mate choice experiments.

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