The following supplementary material is available for this article: Fig. S1. Sequence of Mig-14 protein indicating peptides identified by mass-spectrometry. Underlined peptides were identified a single time, bold peptides were identified two independent times. Highlighted peptides were identified in outer membrane fraction, non-highlighted peptides were identified in inner membrane fraction. A complete analysis of the peptides identified during the sequencing is available at Fig. S2. FITC-CRAMP binding to additional S. typhimurium strains. Histograms of FITC fluorescence intensity of bacteria expressing DsRed treated with FITC-CRAMP and analysed as described in Fig. 6 and Experimental procedures. A. SL1344 B. mig-14 C. phoP D. SL1344 pMig-14. Similarly to mig-14, SL1344 pMig-14 shows a bimodal distribution of CRAMP staining, with approximately equal percentages of bacteria in the low and higher staining populations. E. trkA. Approximately 2-fold more trkA mutant bacteria than SL1344 are observed in the high staining population. F. sapAF. The histogram of FITC-CRAMP association with the sapAF mutant is virtually indistinguishable from that of SL1344.

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