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X-ray emission from the nuclei, lobes and hot-gas environments of two FR II radio galaxies




We report on the detection of multiple components of X-ray emission from the two FR II radio galaxies, 3C 223 and 3C 284, based on new XMM–Newton observations. We attribute the detected X-ray emission from the lobes of both sources to inverse-Compton scattering of cosmic microwave background photons. With this model, we find that the magnetic field strength in the lobes is at the equipartition value for 3C 284, and within a factor of 2 of the equipartition value for 3C 223. We also detect group-scale hot atmospheres around both sources, and determine temperatures and pressures in the gas. The lobes of both sources are in pressure balance with the hot-gas environments, if the lobes contain only the synchrotron-emitting particles and the measured magnetic field strength. The core spectra of both sources contain an unabsorbed soft component, likely to be related to the radio jet, and an additional heavily absorbed power-law component. 3C 223 also displays a bright (EW ∼500 eV) Fe Kα emission line.

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