Spectroscopic and photometric observations of the eclipsing star UV Leo


E-mail: d.kyurkchieva@shu-bg.net (DPK); d.marchev@shu-bg.net (DVM)


High-resolution spectroscopic observations around the Hα line and BVRI photometry of the eclipsing short-period RS CVn star UV Leo are presented. The simultaneous light-curve solution and radial velocity-curve solution led to the following values of the global parameters of the binary: temperatures T1= 6000 ± 100 K and T2= 5970 ± 20 K; masses M1= 0.976 ± 0.067 M and M2= 0.931 ± 0.052 M; separation a= 3.716 ± 0.048 R; orbital inclination inline image; radii R1= 1.115 ± 0.052 R and R2= 1.078 ± 0.051 R; equatorial velocities V1= 98.8 ± 2.3 km s−1 and V2= 89.6 ± 2.7 km s−1. These results lead to the conclusion that the two components of UV Leo are slightly oversized for their masses and lie within the main-sequence band on the mass–radius diagram, close to the isochrone 9 × 1010 yr.