Multidimensional modelling of X-ray spectra for AGN accretion disc outflows




We use a multidimensional Monte Carlo code to compute X-ray spectra for a variety of active galactic nucleus (AGN) disc–wind outflow geometries. We focus on the formation of blueshifted absorption features in the Fe K band and show that line features similar to those which have been reported in observations are often produced for lines of sight through disc–wind geometries. We also discuss the formation of other spectral features in highly ionized outflows. In particular, we show that, for sufficiently high wind densities, moderately strong Fe K emission lines can form and that electron scattering in the flow may cause these lines to develop extended red wings. We illustrate the potential relevance of such models to the interpretation of real X-ray data by comparison with observations of a well-known AGN, Mrk 766.