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Radiative parameters of Nb i excited states




Radiative lifetimes of 17 excited levels of Nb i, in the energy range 27 400–47 700 cm−1 (5p y 69/2, 5p x 67/2, 5p w 47/2,9/2,11/2, 5s5p v 41/2,3/2,5/2,7/2, 5s6p n 41/2,3/2,5/2,7/2, 5s6p o 43/2,5/2,7/2,9/2), have been measured. For 15 of these levels, the lifetimes are obtained for the first time. The lifetimes were measured using the time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence technique and the experiments are complemented by a theoretical investigation using a relativistic Hartree–Fock method including core polarization. By combining the experimental lifetimes and the calculated branching fractions, we obtain transition probabilities for the individual de-excitation channels from the investigated levels.