The OCTAVE automated pipeline for extracting individual mode parameters of solar-like oscillations in main-sequence stars




With the launch of the NASA Kepler spacecraft, the number of solar-like stars for which there are high-precision photometric observations available has increased considerably. In order to analyse the data from a large number of stars in a reasonable amount of time, automated pipelines are desirable. Here we present an extension of the OCTAVE (Birmingham–Sheffield Hallam) pipeline, which has been developed as part of the AsteroFLAG collaboration. While the first parts of the pipeline extracted overall oscillation parameters of the stars, here we present a significant extension to that pipeline designed in order to extract individual mode frequencies and amplitudes. The pipeline also attempts to label the detected modes by straightening and then identifying the ridges within the echelle diagrams in an automated manner. Tests have been performed on artificial stars and the pipeline is shown to return estimates of the mode frequencies that are in line with the input parameters. There does appear to be some positive bias in the returned value of the mode amplitudes which must be accounted for when employing the pipeline for real data.