New limb-darkening coefficients and synthetic photometry for model-atmosphere grids at Galactic, LMC and SMC abundances




New grids of atlas9 models have been calculated using revised convection parameters and updated opacity-distribution functions (ODFs), for chemical compositions intended to be representative of solar, [M/H] =+0.3, +0.5, Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud abundances. The grids cover Teff= 3.5–50 kK, from log g= 5.0 to the effective Eddington limit. Limb-darkening coefficients and synthetic photometry are presented in the UBVRIJHKLM, uvby, ugriz, WFCAM, Hipparcos/Tycho and Kepler passbands for these models and for Castelli’s comparable ‘new-ODF’ grids. Flux distributions are given for the new models. The sensitivity of limb-darkening coefficients to the adopted physics is illustrated.