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A variationally computed line list for hot NH3




We present ‘BYTe’, a comprehensive ‘hot’ line list for the ro-vibrational transitions of ammonia, 14NH3, in its ground electronic state. This line list has been computed variationally using the program suite trove, a new spectroscopically determined potential energy surface and an ab initio dipole moment surface. BYTe, is designed to be used at all temperatures up to 1500 K. It comprises 1138 323 351 transitions in the frequency range from 0 to 12 000 cm−1, constructed from 1373 897 energy levels below 18 000 cm−1 having J values 36. Comparisons with laboratory data confirm the accuracy of the line list which is suitable for modelling a variety of astrophysical problems including the atmospheres of extrasolar planets and brown dwarfs.