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High angular resolution imaging with stellar intensity interferometry using air Cherenkov telescope arrays




Optical stellar intensity interferometry with air Cherenkov telescope arrays, composed of nearly 100 telescopes, will provide means to measure fundamental stellar parameters and also open the possibility of model-independent imaging. In addition to sensitivity issues, a main limitation of image recovery in intensity interferometry is the loss of phase of the complex degree of coherence during the measurement process. Nevertheless, several model-independent phase reconstruction techniques have been developed. Here we implement a Cauchy–Riemann-based algorithm to recover images from simulated data. For bright stars (mv∼ 6) and exposure times of a few hours, we find that scale features such as diameters, oblateness and overall shapes are reconstructed with uncertainties of a few per cent. More complex images are also well reconstructed with high degrees of correlation with the pristine image. Results are further improved by using a forward algorithm.

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