Figures 31–41. In this Supporting Information, we show images from the IRAC (panels a–d are IRAC bands 1–4, respectively) and MIPS (panels e–f are MIPS images at 24 and 70 μm) of each source. An example of the Supporting Information figures is shown in Fig. 2 for G333.131−0.560. In each figure, in panels (c)–(e), we overplot the locations of the IRS slits. In panel (b), the locations of any 6.7-GHz methanol masers (Caswell 2009) are marked with the white crosses. All images are shown in logarithmic scaling. For Fig. 31 of G332.800−0.595, the MIPS 24-μm image is replaced by the MSX 21-μm image because the MIPS 24-μm image is badly saturated. In Fig. 34, G333.212−0.105 is not visible in the MIPS 70-μm image (panel f), probably because of high background and low Spitzer resolution, but it is visible in all Herschel PACS and SPIRE 70–600 μm images.

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