• stars: individual: XMMU J185330.7−012815;
  • novae, cataclysmic variables;
  • X-rays: stars


We report on the results of a detailed spectro-imaging and temporal analysis of an archival XMM–Newton observation of a new intermediate polar XMMU J185330.7−012815. Its X-ray spectrum can be well described by a multitemperature thermal plasma model with the K lines of heavy elements clearly detected. Possible counterparts of XMMU J185330.7−012815 have been identified in optical and ultraviolet (UV) bands. The low values of the inferred X-ray-to-UV and X-ray-to-optical flux ratios safely rule out the possibility of its being an isolated neutron star. We confirm the X-ray periodicity of ∼238 s but, differently from the previous preliminary results, we do not find any convincing evidence of phase shift in this observation. We further investigate its properties through an energy-resolved temporal analysis and find that the pulsed fraction monotonically increases with energy.