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Reversal magnetic chirality of solar active regions and a possible dynamo model




The transfer of magnetic chirality in solar active regions is related to the emerging magnetic flux ropes generated in the subatmosphere. This analysis has been presented based on the calculation of the injection of magnetic helicity at the solar surface. As the long-term evolution of the accumulated magnetic helicity is followed, it is found that the transfer of reversal magnetic helicity of active regions is a complex process, and is not monotonic with the same sign. It is found that the dominant contribution of helicity occurs mainly in the fast-developing stage of active regions.

By considering the hemispheric trends of magnetic helicity, it is proposed that the reversal helicity in solar active regions has two possible causes: local generation in the convection zone, and trans-equatorial processes in the subatmosphere. In addition to the mirror-symmetrical reverse of twisted magnetic field in the convection zone, the possibility of a trans-equatorial process is discussed in this paper.