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Period–luminosity relations for Small Magellanic Cloud Cepheid based on AKARI archival data




In this work we matched the AKARI archival data to the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment III (OGLE-III) catalogue to derive the mid-infrared period–luminosity (PL) relations for Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) Cepheids. Mismatched AKARI sources were eliminated using random-phase colours obtained from the full I-band light curves from OGLE-III. It was possible to derive PL relations in the N3 and N4 bands only, although the S7-, S11-, L15- and L24-band data were also tested. Random-phase correction was included when deriving the PL relation in the N3 and N4 bands using the available time of observations from AKARI data. The final adopted PL relations were N3 =−3.370 log P + 16.527 and N4 =−3.402 log P + 16.556. However, these PL relations may be biased due to the small number of Cepheids in the sample.