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The paper ‘The velocity modulation of galaxy properties in and near clusters: quantifying the decrease in star formation in backsplash galaxies’ was published in Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 416, 2882–2902 (2011). In fig. 14 of that paper, the y axis (gGORES) ticks and associated number labels were incorrect. They should be the same as they were in fig. 8 of the article, as shown here in Fig. 1. Symbols and curves remain the same.


Figure 1. Revised fig. 14 of Mahajan, Mamon & Raychaudhury (2011). Same as fig. 8, with best-fitting models overplotted. Top: the dashed and solid curves show the best-fitting Scheme 3 models (tables 3 and 4 of Mahajan et al. 2011) assuming no radial dependence (using equation 6) and the radially varying one of equation (7), forcing av= ai= ab, using equation (8), respectively. Bottom: best-fitting radially varying model (equation 7) with free values of av, ai and ab, for Schemes 2 (dashed) and 3 (solid). The schemes are defined in tables 3 and 4 of the original paper.

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