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The paper ‘AzTEC millimetre survey of the COSMOS field – III. Source catalogue over 0.72 deg2 and plausible boosting by large-scale structure’ was published in Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 415, 3831–3850 (2011). Fig. 7 in that paper was incomplete. The identification numbers of AzTEC sources in the Western hemisphere were missing. The complete list of identifications is reproduced in the corrected Fig. 7 below.


Figure 7. AzTEC map and comparison with other millimetre catalogues. Circles and numbers denote AzTEC sources from Aretxaga et al. (2011). Blue and red squares denote COSBO (Bertoldi et al. 2007) and AzTEC/JCMT (Scott et al. 2008) sources, with accompanying labels C# and A# that refer to their catalogue numbers, respectively. The boundaries of the surveys are marked with dashed lines. The AzTEC sources from this work also detected by the Bolocam survey are marked with crosses (Aguirre et al., private communication). AzTEC sources from this work robustly associated with 1.4 GHz sources in Aretxaga et al. (2011) or other works are marked with inner yellow squares.

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