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Magnetic stars from a FEROS cool Ap star survey


  • Based on observations collected at the European Southern Observatory, La Silla, Chile, as part of programmes 078.D-0080(A), 080.D- 0191(A), 081.D-2002(A), 082.D-0061(A), 083.D-0034(A) and 084.D-0067(A).



New magnetic Ap stars with split Zeeman components are presented. These stars were discovered from observations with the Fibre-fed Extended Range Optical Spectrograph (FEROS) spectrograph at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) 2.2-m telescope. 15 new magnetic stars are analysed here. Several stars with very strong magnetic fields were found, including HD 70702 with a 15-kG magnetic field strength, and HD 168767 with a 16.5-kG magnetic field strength measured using split Zeeman components of spectral lines and by comparison with synthetic calculations. The physical parameters of the stars were estimated from photometric and spectroscopic data. Together with previously published results for stars with strong magnetic fields, the relationship between magnetic field strength and rotation period is discussed.