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Pulsed radio emission from the Fermi-LAT pulsar J1732−3131: search and a possible detection at 34.5 MHz


E-mail: (YM); (HAA); (AAD)


We report our search for and a possible detection of periodic radio pulses at 34.5 MHz from the Fermi Large Area Telescope pulsar J1732−3131. The candidate detection has been possible in only one of the many sessions of observations made with the low-frequency array at Gauribidanur, India, when the otherwise radio weak pulsar may have apparently brightened many folds. The candidate dispersion measure along the sight line, based on the broad periodic profiles from ∼20 min of data, is estimated to be 15.44 ± 0.32 pc cc−1. We present the details of our periodic and single-pulse search, and discuss the results and their implications relevant to both, the pulsar and the intervening medium.