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A radial velocity study of CTCV J1300−3052




We present time-resolved spectroscopy of the eclipsing, short-period cataclysmic variable CTCV J1300−3052. Using absorption features from the secondary star, we determine the radial velocity semi-amplitude of the secondary star to be K2= 378 ± 6 km s−1, and its projected rotational velocity to be v sin i= 125 ± 7 km s−1. Using these parameters and Monte Carlo techniques, we obtain masses of M1= 0.79 ± 0.05 M for the white dwarf primary and M2= 0.198 ± 0.029 M for the M-type secondary star. These parameters are found to be in good agreement with previous mass determinations found via photometric fitting techniques, supporting the accuracy and validity of photometric mass determinations in short-period CVs.