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CGCG 292−057 – a radio galaxy with merger-modulated radio activity




We announce the discovery of a unique combination of features in a radio source identified with the merger galaxy CGCG 292−057. The radio galaxy both exhibits a highly complex, X-like structure and shows signs of recurrent activity in the form of double–double morphology. The outer lobes of CGCG 292−057 are characterized by low radio power, P1400 MHz≃ 2 × 1024 W Hz−1, placing this source below the FR II/FR I luminosity threshold, and are highly polarized (almost 20 per cent at 1400 MHz) as is typical of X-shaped radio sources. The host is a low-ionization nuclear emission-line region-type galaxy with a relatively low black hole mass and double-peaked narrow emission lines. These features make this galaxy a primary target for studies of merger-triggered radio activity.