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A high-resolution survey of diffuse interstellar bands


  • A. Bondar

    Corresponding author
    1. International Centre for Astronomical and Medico-Ecological Research, Kyiv, Ukraine, Center for Astronomy, Nicholas Copernicus University, Gagarina 11, Pl-87-100 Toruń, Poland
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This paper presents an atlas of diffuse interstellar bands together with tables with measurements of their parameters: central wavelengths, full widths at half-maximum and equivalent widths. For this goal the spectra of ten reddened, early-type stars have been selected. The spectra are of high resolution, ∼100 000, and reasonable signal-to-noise ratio, S/N > 300; they cover a wide spectral range 3500–10 000 Å and show a lack of evident Doppler splitting in the interstellar K i line. The measurement technique has allowed a homogeneous set of data to be achieved. As a result, the identity of 336 DIBs from previous surveys has been confirmed and 21 new bands have been found. The spectral plots and the tables are available online.