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Abundance analysis of four members of the metal-rich open cluster NGC 6253


  • Based on observations collected at the European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (ESO) in Paranal during programme 381.C-0270(A).



We report on VLT/UVES high-resolution spectra of four members of the old metal-rich open cluster NGC 6253: a main-sequence star, two red-clump stars and a blue straggler. We performed equivalent width analysis and derived Fe, Si, Ca, Ti, Cr and Ni abundances as well as abundance ratios. For our main-sequence star, we obtained a metallicity of inline image (rms), whereas for the two giants we found that our metallicities are on average +0.19 ± 0.13 (rms), lower than what was determined for the same stars in previous studies. We also found that, within the uncertainties, the abundance ratios of α and iron-peak elements match those in the solar surroundings, with the possible exception of Si in two giant stars in our sample.