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Table 2. The data refer to the training-set stars selected from the Hipparcos periodic, unsolved and microvariable sets.

Table 4. The data refer to the set of stars for which variability types are predicted, selected from the Hipparcos unsolved catalogue and a set of microvariables.

Table 5. Variability types predicted by random forests (RF) and from a multistage method based on Bayesian networks (MB) are listed together with the Hipparcos identifiers, the Hipparcos sets from which the sources have been selected (U1, U2 and M, as defined in Section 'THE HIPPARCOS UNSOLVED VARIABLES'), and literature variability types from the Hipparcos and the AAVSO catalogues when available.

Table 7. List of additional symbols and labels for variability types from the literature, which are included together with our classification results where available.

Tables C1 and C2. The full probability arrays of predictions obtained from random forests and from the multistage methodology involving Bayesian networks, respectively.

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