Regions of dynamical stability for discs and planets in binary stars of the solar neighbourhood




Using the results of Pichardo et al., we determine regions of dynamical stability where planets (or discs in general) could survive in stable orbits around binary stellar systems. We produce this study for 161 binary stars in the solar neighbourhood with known orbital parameters. Additionally, we constructed numerically the discs (invariant loops) around five binary systems with known orbital parameters and with confirmed planets: HIP 10138, HIP 4954, HIP 67275, HIP 116727 and Kepler 16, as a test to the approximation of Pichardo et al. In each single case, the reported position of the planets lies within our calculated stability regions. This study intends to provide a guide in the search for planets around binary systems with well-known orbital parameters, since our method defines precise limits for the stable regions, where discs may have established and planets formed.