Gastric emptying of a non-digestible solid: assessment with simultaneous SmartPill pH and pressure capsule, antroduodenal manometry, gastric emptying scintigraphy


  • This study was supported by an investigator-initiated grant from SmartPill, Inc, and in part by a NIH Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research to HP Parkman (NIH DK02921). Jack Semler is the Chief Technology Officer for The SmartPill Corporation. Henry Parkman is a member of the advisory board of The SmartPill Corporation.

  • Preliminary results presented at 2007 Digestive Disease Week in Washington, DC and published as an abstract in Gastroenterology 2007;132 (4 Suppl. 2):A-97.

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Abstract  Gastric emptying of digestible solids occurs after trituration of food particles. Non-digestible solids are thought to empty with phase III of the migrating motor complex (MMC). The aim of this study was to determine if a non-digestible capsule given with a meal empties from the stomach with return of the fasting phase III MMC or during the fed pattern with the solid meal. Fifteen normal subjects underwent antroduodenal manometry and ingestion of a radiolabelled meal and SmartPill wireless pH and pressure capsule. In five subjects, emptying of the SmartPill was studied in the fasting period by ingesting the SmartPill with radiolabelled water. The SmartPill emptied from the stomach within 6 h in 14 of 15 subjects. SmartPill pressure recordings showed high amplitude phasic contractions prior to emptying. SmartPill gastric residence time (261 ± 22 min) correlated strongly with time to the first phase III MMC (239 ± 23 min; r = 0.813; P < 0.01) and correlated moderately with solid-phase gastric emptying (r = 0.606 with T-50% and r = 0.565 with T-90%). Nine of 14 subjects emptied the capsule with a phase III MMC. In five subjects, the SmartPill emptied with isolated distal antral contractions. In five subjects ingesting only water, SmartPill gastric residence time (92 ± 44 min) correlated with the time to the first phase III MMC (87 ± 30 min; r = 0.979; P < 0.01). The non-digestible SmartPill given with a meal primarily empties from the stomach with the return of phase III MMCs occurring after emptying the solid-phase meal. However, in some subjects, the SmartPill emptied with isolated antral contractions, an unappreciated mechanism for emptying of a non-digestible solid.