Table S1. Estimates of the probability of NS (π0) and the probability of IBS > Control (πI): includes corresponding 95% credible intervals, for binomial models with uniform priors (upper and lower bounds). n, number of studies reporting; CI, credible interval; ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; PFC, prefrontal cortex; AI/PI, anterior/posterior insula; Hp/Am, hippocampus/amygdala (reported together); S1/S2, somatosensory area I & II; PCC, posterior cingulate cortex; T, temporal lobule; PAG, periaqueductal gray matter.

Table S2. Probability of border sum totals: probability that the minimum border sum U for n = 4, 5, … , 10 is equal to k = 0, 1, … , 7; Under the null hypothesis P0. Based on 100 000 simulated matrices N0, each based on a different randomly chosen P0.

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