Figure S1. Motilin-induced suncus gastric contraction. (A) Independent administration of various doses (10−11–10−7 mol L −1) of motilin-induced suncus gastric contractions. (B) Concentration–response curve of motilin-induced contractions. Note that the response amplitude was rapidly increased between 10−10 and 10−9 mol L−1 and reached almost the maximum at 10−9 mol L−1 of motilin administration. ▼, timing of the administration of reagents, and the number indicates concentration of motilin (−log[Motilin]mol L−1). Each value is mean ± SEM (= 4).

Figure S2. Effects of combinatorial administration of hexamethonium, ondansetron, and naloxone on motilin-induced contractions. Combinatorial pretreatment with hexamethonium, ondansetron, and naloxone almost completely inhibited the motilin-induced contraction. Each value is mean ± SEM (= 4). , control; ●, antagonist treatment; *≤ 0.05.

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