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Influence of sumatriptan on gastric accommodation and on antral contraction in healthy subjects assessed by ultrasonography


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Background  Oral sumatriptan administration has been reported to delay gastric emptying after liquid meals. The aim of this study was to determine whether delayed gastric emptying is caused by enhanced gastric accommodation, impaired antral contractions, or both using ultrasonography.

Methods  Ten healthy volunteers were enrolled in this randomized two-way crossover study. After overnight fasting, the subjects received the liquid meal 60 min after ingesting a 50 mg sumatriptan tablet with 50 mL of water or 50 mL of water alone (control). The cross-sectional area of the proximal stomach was measured in a supine position after every 100 mL. The frequency and amplitude of the antral contractions were measured in a slightly backward sitting position. The intragastric distribution of the liquid meal was assessed by calculating the proximal stomach/distal stomach ratio (prox/distal ratio).

Key Results  The cross-sectional area after drinking 100, 200, and 300 mL of the liquid meal (oral sumatriptan vs control) was 34.49 vs 15.11 cm2 (= 0.0051), 48.00 vs 30.61 cm2 (= 0.0166), and 58.67 vs 47.19 cm2 (= 0.0125), respectively. There was no significant difference in the amplitude of contractions, contraction cycle, motility index, and prox/distal ratio (97.15 vs 97.93%, = 0.0745; 19.42 vs 19.5 s, = 0.8590; and 887.58 vs 889.22, = 0.5751; 9.75 vs 8.41, = 0.8785; respectively).

Conclusions & Inferences  Oral sumatriptan administration enhanced gastric accommodation after the ingestion of liquid nutrients, but had no significant effect on antral contractions or intragastric distribution in healthy subjects.