Diel rhythms of adipokinetic hormone, fat body response, and haemolymph lipid and sugar levels in the house cricket


Department of Zoology and Physiology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803-1725, U.S.A.


Abstract. The adipokinetic hormone (Grb-AKH) content in the corpora car-diaca of the house cricket, Acheta domesticus, varied during a day with two peaks in the scotophase and one peak in the photophase. There were two distinct peaks of total lipid concentration in the blood, one early in the photophase and the other early in the scotophase. Fat body sensitivity to adipokinetic hormone also varied in close synchrony with the lipid rhythm. It was not possible to attribute the rhythm of blood lipid titre unequivocally to either the rhythm of adipokinetic hormone content in the corpora cardiaca or to the rhythm of sensitivity of the fat body to the hormone. In adult crickets the blood carbohydrate titre had two peaks in adult females, one towards the end of scotophase and another in the late photophase (c. 12h apart), but a single peak at the end of scotophase was apparent in last instar larvae. The blood carbohydrate rhythm persists in DD and is therefore endogenous. Carbohydrates were not mobilized by the Grb-AKH, therefore could not be involved in the blood carbohydrate rhythm. Exposure to various day lengths caused shifts in the patterns of the carbohydrate rhythms, but imposition of a cyclic temperature regime had no effect on the rhythm.