The relationship between guard cell water potential and the aperture of stomata in Populus


and present address: Dr P. J. Schulte, Department of Biology, University of California—Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90024. U.S.A.


Abstract Previous work with clones of Populus trichocarpa demonstrated that the water vapour conductance of leaves from well-watered cuttings of this species does not decline with loss of turgor from the bulk leaf. In the present study, stomatal responses to water potential in Populus were examined with detached epidermal strips. Stomata in epidermal strips from well-watered plants of P. trichocarpa did not close at low water potentials which led to plasmolysis of the guard cells. In contrast, stomata of P. deltoides and a P. trichocarpa×deltoides hybrid closed when the guard cells lost turgor. A period of water stress preconditioning resulted in modified stomatal responses in P. trichocarpa such that stomata of stressed and re-watered plants nearly closed when guard cell turgor was lost.