Figure S1. Relative expression levels of α-β amylases (AMY-BMY) and sucrose transporter (SUT/SUC) genes in the wood of P. trichocarpa. The transcript levels of each amylase and sucrose transporter gene were plotted, respectively, as the relative expression fold of the PtBMY1b and PtSUT2.a. The data are mean values and standard errors (bar) of three independent biological groups each group composed of two plants.

Figure S2. Comparative analysis of co-expression of all 20 genes, (grouped by gene families PIP1 – 5 genes, PIP2 – 4 genes, AMY – 3 genes, BMY – 4 genes and SUC – 4 genes including SUT) analysed in this study between the air injection experiment (x-axis) and xylem infiltration experiments (y-axis), half an hour after the respective treatment. Values are presented as relative expression (log fold changes). Regression lines are presented with 95% confidence intervals. No significant correlation was found.

Table S1. Gene name, phytozome and JGI sources, sequences of aquaporin primers used for quantitative real-time PCR.

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