• ABA;
  • Arabidopsis;
  • ASK1;
  • ASK2;
  • TSK1


Abscisic acid (ABA) regulates many aspects of plant development, including seed dormancy and germination, root growth and stomatal closure. Plant SKP1 proteins are subunits of the SCF complex E3 ligases, which regulate several phytohormone signalling pathways through protein degradation. However, little is known about SKP1 proteins participating in ABA signalling. Here, we report that the overexpression of Triticum aestivum SKP1-like 1 (TSK1) in Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis) resulted in delayed seed germination and hypersensitivity to ABA. The opening of stomatal guard cells and the transcription of several ABA-responsive genes were affected in transgenic plants. In contrast, Arabidopsis skp1-like 1 (ask1)/ask1 ASK2/ask2 seedlings exhibited reduced ABA sensitivity. Furthermore, the transcription of ASK1 and ASK2 was down-regulated in abi1-1 and abi5-1 mutants compared with that in wild type. ASK1 or ASK2 overexpression could rescue or partially rescue the ABA insensitivity of abi5-1 mutants, respectively. Our work demonstrates that SKP1 is involved in ABA signalling and that SKP1-like genes may positively regulate ABA signalling by SCF-mediated protein degradation.