Figure S1. Photos depicting (a) drought plot on 8/21/2008 showing troughs draining to gutter, (b) cover control plot on 7/28/2007 and (c) piñon mortality in the drought plot on 10/22/2008. Photo credit: J. Hill (a,b) and J. Plaut (c).

Figure S2. Modelled versus measured pre-dawn water potential compared across both plots and years (2007–2008) for piñon (solid symbols, black line) and juniper (open symbols, grey line). The 1:1 line (dotted) is shown for comparison. Data points represent plot means. Piñon r2 = 0.82; juniper r2 = 0.97.

Figure S3. Piñon (a) and juniper (b) diurnal Es averaged over the 10 d period June 21–June 30, 2008 for drought (filled symbols) and ambient control (open symbols) treatments. Grey line indicates photosynthetically active radiation (PAR); black line indicates vapour pressure deficit (VPD). Data points represent plot means and all error bars represent the standard error of the mean.

Table S1. Comparisons of pretreatment and post-treatment differences between plot means for soil water potentials (Ψs, MPa), plant water potentials (Ψpd and Ψmd, MPa) and transpiration (Es, mmol m−2 s−1). Plot abbreviations are dr, drought; cc, cover control; ac, ambient control.

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