Figure S1. Effect of Trx f1 knockout (line trx f1.2) on sucrose-dependent redox activation of AGPase in leaves in the dark. For the sucrose-dependent effect on APS1 monomerization, Arabidopsis leaves were harvested at the end of night (t0), and incubated with sucrose or sorbitol (100 mM) for 5 h in the dark. Results are means ± SE (n = 4).

Table S1. Effect of light on the conversion of the 100 kDa to the 50 kDa form of APS1 in leaves of the Trx f1 Arabidopsis knockout lines (trx f1.1 and trx f1.2), compared to the respective segregating wild-types. The Western blots from Fig. 4 were scanned, and the intensity of the protein bands corrected for background.

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